If you are familiar with Facebook, then you need no explanation about blocking & other privacy settings on your Facebook account. In this short description we are discussing How to block a friend on Facebook?, or take a break from them. When you are blocking someone on Facebook, they neither can tag you any post on your timeline, nor can see updates on your timeline.

Block someone on Facebook-Easy Steps

Go to the top right of Facebook, and then select option, settings.
Now, select Blocking option available in the left menu
In segment, block users, search the name of person whom you want to block, and then click block.
From the available list of the results choose a specific person, and click Block>Block name.
What if you don’t find the person with the search method?
You can go to the profile of a person, then Menu, and choose Block available at the below right of their cover photo.

Two important things you should know while blocking anyone

1- The person whom you block do not get any notification

2- After unblocking your friend in future, you will not be automatically a friend again, for this, you will have to resend him a fresh friend request to start a new.

What happens when block friend on Facebook?
A person who is blocked by you can not see any stuff posted on your profile
Blocked person can not tag any post, comment or photos with you
They can also not invite you to any groups or events
Also, they can’t start a conversation with you, neither can add you as a friend.
Well! In some rare cases there comes a circumstances with your friends when you do not want to unfriend your friend still wish to ignore their Facebook posts. To deal with this situation, there is a special provision- Take a break from them.

A Facebook provides you an option to take break from anyone when he/she changes relationship status. Users can also take break from any of the Facebook friends.

How Take a break different from blocking a friend on Facebook?
When you’re taking a break from someone, you put some limits on them. When you select to view them less, you will not see their posts, and photos from your news feed.
It also means you are allowed to limit ability of any person to view your tagged or timeline feeds.
You can put limitations on visibility of status, videos and photos on your timeline.
Hope, from the above description you knew How to block a friend on Facebook, and take a break from him. Stay in connection for such updates in future


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