Websites if containing user’s personal information, or used for sharing emails and messages that should be limited to a few persons, or to a fixed group, then, you may have to use some login credentials to get access to that website completely. But, sometimes, these websites may not validate your credentials for some reason. This is the case when you can get the HTTP error 401. In this blog, we are going to discuss the reason, and methods to fix this error in Gmail.

If you are unable to access the account. Then, it’s not that you are getting the 401 error every time. Sometimes, the simple reason may be that you may be using the wrong login details. And that what may be taking you to a problem like this. Resolving the wrong password issue is just a matter of click on the “Forgot Password” link. But, sometimes, you may get the wrong password message even if you may using the right ones. This may be the case where you may take it as the error 401.

How You Should Fix It?

You must ensure that you are using the appropriate login credentials. Also, you should clear your browser cache, cookies, and history. Make sure to surf the right URL. Reset your DNS, be aware of the spam and duplicate websites that may look exactly the same as the original one.

Your internet connection must be working fine, and try to fix the network issue if there is any.

Contact the administration support to find it out whether they have blocked you, or not. If you are blocked, then, probably you may have done something wrong against their company policies. If you have done it whether knowingly or unknowingly, you should drop a confirmation email to them that you will not repeat the same again.

Reasons Behind HTTP Error 401

There may be some very common reason why a user can get the HTTP error 401 while using the Gmail account. Server issues, wrong login credentials, blockage of account, Network issue, phishing attack, are some of the very common ones. Other than these, there may be some unknown reasons too behind the issue.

What To Do If The Issue Is Still There?

If the issue is still unresolved, and none of the tricks working any good for you, then, only the Gmail customer support may help you with it. After they get your concern properly, they guide you as per needs. If you apply what and how they guide you, you will get your issue fixed very soon. You can get the fix right from the time when you dial the toll-free number, and you will have the convo with the support team.


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